NAS Aghada 1918 - Man Who Love Engines, Racing, Flying and Sailing on Airships by Thom E Dickerson

During my travels in the Fall of 2018, researching my fathers part in serving at USNAS Aghada Ireland 1918, I found a treasure trove of information and contacts. I wish to thank the now illustrious team, Willie Cunningham, Damian Shiels, and Paul Busteed for giving me extensive and detailed tours of all the Naval sites in Aghada, Cork, & Cobh. We are all hoping to embark on a journey with overlapping histories of our countries and the men and women who fought and served in the “Great War”. In the coming months we will have discussions, sharing, and answering some of the questions that have come up during the short time of my visit with my newfound friends of Ireland. Images that will be posted are from my fathers collection that spans his career in the US Navy from 1917-1946. Images for this blog will contain those shot during his time in USNAS Aghada.

Ship at dock- Aghada.jpg Yankee Pier USNAS Aghada 1918

Yankee PIer (aka Aghada Pier), built with Oregon white fir lumber and extended 285ft into the deep channel of the harbor.